Life is about change. I do not like change. That does not mean that it is not going to happen. Change happens, when I suspect it the least.

Recently our dog Bailey was killed. Before that tragedy was my parents dying 12 days apart in the Fall. These are huge changes in our family structure. How do we deal with such giant gaps in our family unit?

I know for myself, the detester of change, this has been a tremendous adjustment. No more Bailey and his darling little tail, great positive attitude and being an athlete.

My parents, the things I miss about them is endless. My dad’s positive attitude, caring ways and humor. My mom, I miss her bright spark and her intelligence. Now there is no  person to ask those family history questions.

I feel as if I have been pruned heavily, I am in the process of recovering from the severe pruning. Hopefully the new growth will be stronger and with bright beautiful blooms.





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