Beech Hill Studios

Hello and welcome to Beech Hill Studios. Our purpose for this blog (and many more to follow) is to share our love of design. Design is a process -there is a clear progression from a beginning, a middle and conclusion in an interior design project. We would like to share with you the steps and strategies that go into any design project. The book “What color is your slipcover” by Denny Daikeler is a wonderful guideline to follow. Most of the book is about the dig to get to your wants, desires, your design preferences, the book is about getting to know yourself and that is what programming is all about.
There are five steps in the course of design, the first step is programming, second preliminary design, third design development, fourth construction documents and fifth construction management (construction phase). This first step is the most critical. In this phase, the designer interviews the client to find out what it is they would like to achieve, how they want to achieve it and their preferences in doing so. Denny tells us in her book to really think about what you love.
We invite you to read “What Color is your slipcover” by Denny Daikeler. If you would like assistance from our team at Beech Hill Studios, LLC , give us a call, send us an email. We can assist from afar using photos and just plain old questions. We are here to help you find your design style. Follow us on Instagram for weekly design and inspiration. Thank you and have a great day!