NO Blog

Well, this is what happens when life gets in the way of blogging. It is NO Blog.. It is a contagion that happens when my focus is else where. It just so happens that now I am able to focus on something other than taxes, estate stuff and getting my son from here to there and business.

So where have I been in this time away from the Blog??? Lets see, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco etc. Travel takes a tremendous amount of time. I don’t know if you have this happen,  but my focus is on the travel and not on what is going on at home. I have not figured out how to be two places at once. I sure try.. but I have not been able to do it yet.

Business has been a blast.. Wonderful projects and really great clients. I feel so lucky to be able to be of service to these lovely people. Here are a few renderings of a project that is in the design phase.

Very fun to work on a 1941 house in “The Avenues” in San Francisco. What a delight!

check out the beginning of our website, more to come

Beech Hill Studios, LLC

It has been a year

Yep, one whole year since my mom died and my dad died 12 days later. One year of sadness. the family that once was, is no longer. Groping to find common ground with siblings who have no interest. Then there is the stuff. The stuff that has sentimental meaning, the stuff that has monetary value and the stuff that needs to be thrown out or given to Goodwill.

Signing of papers,and saying goodbye to lives lived well. Tremendous loss. My loss was on the horizon, late eighties is a good life. I prepared myself, if one can..but there are the unexpected issues, tensions that arise. Maybe they will heal maybe they won’t..Who knows, all I know is that my parents are gone, they are on their next journey together. Smiling happy and living the happy life they once  had here on earth.



It has been a long road

Taking apart my parents home has been overwhelming to say the least. All the issues with sharing items  between the three of us has been huge. After the sharing part was done then there is the selling of the items that had value or no one wanted.

The decision making process is fraught with “This was my mothers when she was a baby” or”This was mine I remember that” or “Oh this is so beautiful I love it”. If I could do the Kon Mari method of purging I would have only what I love. but alas, I am not Japanese and my ability to be disciplined is limited.

The memories are important to me. One of the last things my father said to me, as he looked over my shoulder at family pictures, “We were a happy family once”. I said “Yes dad we were very happy”. Those items and photos that let us know that we have a heritage that we had happier times are important to keep. They have meaning and relevance to who we have been , and who we are as a member of this group, called a family.

If I have words of advise, it is to stay at the sorting for as long as you can, 3-4 hours a day seemed to be about right. Then once you have done this multiple days , take a break.Come back to it with fresh eyes. You are dismantling your families life piece by piece. There is no easy way, just be gentle. My final, this helped me tip, my mantra has been “You get what you get and don’t throw a fit” This was taught to me and my son by his kindergarten teacher. Wise words to live by!

With love and peace,

All of us on Beech Hill




Life is about change. I do not like change. That does not mean that it is not going to happen. Change happens, when I suspect it the least.

Recently our dog Bailey was killed. Before that tragedy was my parents dying 12 days apart in the Fall. These are huge changes in our family structure. How do we deal with such giant gaps in our family unit?

I know for myself, the detester of change, this has been a tremendous adjustment. No more Bailey and his darling little tail, great positive attitude and being an athlete.

My parents, the things I miss about them is endless. My dad’s positive attitude, caring ways and humor. My mom, I miss her bright spark and her intelligence. Now there is no  person to ask those family history questions.

I feel as if I have been pruned heavily, I am in the process of recovering from the severe pruning. Hopefully the new growth will be stronger and with bright beautiful blooms.




Cows on Beech Hill

This is what we saw this morning at breakfast, here at Beech Hill.

My husband, born on an Ohio dairy farm, quickly rounded them up. Found the neighbors pasture they came out of and with his help got them back in their pasture. This  is some of the excitement that we have from time to time.

Our dog Corry thought that he would be big and brave and help round up the cows. His bravery was short lived when the cows chased him.

Great morning at Beech Hill

Beech Hill in the Spring

We have given our home and company the name of Beech Hill. We brought the name with us from Ridgeville, South Carolina, when we were the only inhabitants of Beech Hill. In South Carolina my husband created a beautiful landscape that was graced with gorgeous southern oaks.

When my husband was tasked with finding our home in the Northwest he found a home that had a beautiful huge white oak. We have been told it was a council tree and that it is about 200 years old. Sharing the property with this magnificent tree has helped us to bridge the divide between the Southeast  and the Northwest.

I have taken a few pictures of Beech Hill as spring is budding.

oaktree trillium mo's flowerswisteria