Beauty above me, beauty below me, beauty all around me

Spring is just that way, beauty above me, beauty below me , beauty all around me. I learned this saying from a wonderful spiritual teacher Esther Kennedy. This was taught to us in a song with a drum beating. Very enriching experience.What I loved most was that it was a group of women dancing to these words and the drumming all in a circle.

The circle itself is so beautiful, with no top or bottom just the equality of the circle. The drumming and the voices chanting in unison,  bringing together our spirits in the form of song.

More beauty, to be women, the beauty of our faces, our bodies and demeanor.The beauty of our souls, voices and our intentions. We are the ultimate creators, the creators of life.

Today I am celebrating mother earth and her creation of all the beauty above, below and all around me.

Ciao, Bella

IMG_3205 IMG_3212


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