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For a very long time I have know the cost to the environment and to my health, by consuming meat products. But I ate the meat anyway.  I have wanted to switch to being Vegan and have struggled  to find a way.

Christmas brought me a gift from our neighbor that has helped me get on the path of being a vegan.  The gift “Oh She Glows” cook book, written by Ms. Angela Liddon.

I have started out by using the recipes for breakfast. So far everything I have made, my family has enjoyed and is willing to have time and again. In fact the granola recipe is such a hit they only want that granola. I have made the enchilada’s and no-one missed the meat or cheese.

What I love about eating the food is, I feel better! Then there is the added cost , health  and environmental benefit. So I am treading lighter on the earth, saving money and becoming healthier. I am not sure there is anything I can do that has so many benefits..

My suggestion for this post is that you purchase “Oh She Glows” cook book and give it a try. Let me know how you like it and share some tips..

Happy Cooking


This makes it worth all of the changes I choose to make
This makes it worth all of the changes I choose to make

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