2* C Life Style

Since my time at U.C. Davis I have had this inner need to be a part of the solution instead of a creator of the problem. The problem? pollution, toxic waste, over population, the list goes on.

One of the frustrations I found was “Is my contribution helpful or actually harmful?” With that in mind I have stuck with a few basic changes, limit my use of plastic, recycle, can as much food as I am able, grow my own food, buy from local farmers, and eat more vegetable and fruits. Clean my home with baking soda and vinegar, limit my use of chemicals. These are a few of the things I have done and we have done as a family to lessen our impact on the earth.

Lowering the temperature of the earth by 2 degrees is a beginning. It is what I am shooting for at the moment, when we achieve that goal we can go for more. It does take all of us to make this change..

So here are some big questions, Can we change our lifestyle to lower the temperature by 2 degrees and still do the things we like to do? Can we have the things we like so much? Or do we need to make a concerted effort to only purchase used items and clothes made out of natural hemp? Is consumption simply out of the question?  Is prepackaged food verboten?

Questions to ask ourselves as we consider the concept of lifestyle. Our decisions affect seven generations in the future. We have a responsibility to our great,great, great, great, great, great grandchildren, to leave this earth better than the way we found it.

Until next time;




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